How to Become a Sorcerer?


If you want to become a sorcerer, do the following; learn illusion and slight of hand tricks as this is the way to make it believable, buy or make a costume and choose a name and Learn to speak the part. In addition, you must decide if you will use your powers for good or evil keeping in mind that sounding authentic will be very important.
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Sorcerer is scary! If you know someone that is already a Socerer they can help you greatly. You will need a spell book & start working on creating a spell. This will get you started
A sorcerer is one who practices black magic, witchcraft or wizardry. To become a sorcerer, you must first learn the ways of black magic. Once you learn this magic, you must use it
Enjoy a cock up your * in hell.
It is a difficult path to follow,more difficult than most Neo-Pagan paths
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You will have to begin by studying natural magic. That will lead you into the types of sorcery that you think you are interested in. Go for it! ...
Aladdin took place in the mystical land of Agrabah in the medieval city of Baghdad. It involved the character Jafar, who is a sorcerer and wants to become the ...
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