How to Become a Sovereign Citizen?


Many people want to know how to become a sovereign citizen so they can regain freedoms which they think have been lost. Obtaining sovereignty is a highly intricate legal process and should be done with much caution. How to Become a Sovereign Citizen
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There is no legal place for a sovereign citizen at this time in the United States. People that want to become sovereign citizens are usually against the way that are government works, and considered anarchists. For more information look here:;
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The "sovereign citizen" movement began with a group in the 1970s called "Posse Comitatus." They think the United States Government is illegitimate. To find more
First of all, there's no such thing as a sovereign citizen. See
Steps to become a US citizen: 1. Are at least 18 years old and a lawful permanent
1. Rule your own life. Helio Beltrão, founder and president of Instituto Mises Brasil, states to live in a way where you acknowledge that no one can rule your life without
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It is not possible to become a sovereign citizen in the United States. You will get yourself in big trouble for not paying your income tax and following the government's ...
A Sovereign Citizen must first become immune to statutory, civil and vehicle codes. Discharge anything in the legal arena of commerce by using the laws of that ...
To become a sovereign, there are a myriad of steps. One would need to renounce one's citizenship of any country. A person would then have to give up their driver's ...
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