How do you become a USDA meat inspector?


A person can become a USDA meat inspector by getting four years of college education. A person will then be required to apply with their credentials when a job opening occurs. A person will then be hired if they qualify for the job.
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1. Obtain your undergraduate degree. Major in food safety or another related field, like agriculture, biology, or chemistry. Make sure that the college or university is accredited
1. Acquire the education you need. You first need a high school diploma (or GED) with an emphasis in math and science. An apprentice program within a building trade (such as carpentry
In the United States, the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) operates a voluntary beef grading program. The meat processor pays for a trained AMS meat grader to grade whole carcasses
In the city of Chicago, you must complete several tasks to become a building inspector. You must graduate high school or an equivalent in the eyes of the state and be at least 21
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How Do I Become a USDA Meat Inspector?
Meat inspectors need strong stomachs to accurately assess and evaluate the living conditions of poultry and livestock, as well as the process of slaughtering and storing animals used for food. According to the United States Department of Agriculture,... More »
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You will need to have prior experience in the food safety feild or a bachelors degree from college. You will need to go to thye USDA job site and submit your resume.
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