How to Become a Warlock?


When thinking about becoming a warlock, it is important to remember that there is no spell that will make you a warlock overnight; you have to earn the respect of other warlocks and practice your spells with discipline. Talk to other warlocks on the internet and practice the simpler, easier spells to begin with.
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The actual definition of the word "Warlock" really is not nessicarly magical. "Warlock" means in a literal translation "Oath Breaker" As regularly misinterpreted
1. Find a Witch or Warlock. The easiest way is to visit a community lot and wait for one to show up. At least one Witch or Warlock will be present at a community lot. You must choose
To become a warlock, learn about various types of paganism. The versions of paganism alive
Just for starters, nobody in their right mind calls themselves a Warlock, nor claims to be one... Hollywood is once again to blame for these misconceptions... Warlock, is an ancient
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A warlock is a witch who has betrayed their coven. They can be male or female. Most are portrayed as male. Warlocks have a darker side; they are bad.
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