How to Become a Waterbender?


Waterbenders are part of the Airbender fantasy universe. Even there, you must be born a waterbender. To take on some of the properties of a water bender, remember that water is gentle, inexorable and one of the strongest forces on earth.
Q&A Related to "How to Become a Waterbender?"
You can't become a waterbender in one day,It take many day. First you have to learn. how to foce your chi.By meditation mostley every day. And you must have a foce mind. and don't
it takes a lot of work. some people make it look easy, but keep practicing. Theres a scret to waterbending inside of you, but youll have to discover it . keep trying and dont quit
With looooot's of meditating, practicing and learning!
You have to be born with it.
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