How to Become an Evangelist?


To become an evangelist, do the following; pray and ask God for guidance, study the Bible in depth at every opportunity, prepare to travel a lot if you want a career as a full-time Evangelist, establish your reputation in the community as a person of honesty and integrity and know that you will need constant Bible study and time for meditation in order to get a clear message to preach and teach.
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1. Pray and ask God for guidance. You may feel a calling to become an Evangelist professionally. Or, you may feel you need to volunteer your time in evangelism. Either way, get God's
To be a true evangelist one does not have to attend some religious college or faculty. One must study the scriptures, fast and pray so that the Spirit may convey unto that person
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Anyone can be an evangelist! You must truly believe in what you want to share; you must study and be well-informed so that you can answer the many challenges you will be given. You will need the courage that it takes to talk to strangers, and it will help you very much if you can carry printed material to back up your beliefs. Do not be pushy; you will be successful if the people you talk to want whatever you've got!
You can become an evangelist by studying the Bible and sharing what you learn. If you are not familiar with what the Bible teaches, there are schools that can help you gain a good understanding within two years, For more information look here: For information on becoming and evangelist;
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