How to Become an Import Export Agent?


An import-export agent, also known as an international trade agent, is an individual or company that sends and receives goods to and from other sovereign nations. You need locate business space then set up a staging area, secure an import and export license finally arrange an initial capital investment.
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1. Acquire an educational degree in business, marketing, international business, or import/export. It is ideal that you have a firm understanding of business practices and the right
There aren't really any schools you can go to in the US to get experience in this field. The best thing to do if you're interested in this is go to work for a Freight Forwarding company
Elarco International Ltd, Z.Z. Sugars Ltd, and Z.Z. Import/Export, Ltd
1.Research what products are needed in what areas of the world. Decide what products you want to specialize in exporting. Discover what areas of the world might want those products.
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