How to Become a Blood Sister Without Blood.?


1. Determine a color that represents your personality. You may choose more than one color for each person. Pick colors that have meaning for both you and your sister. 2. Buy ink or paint in the color or colors you've chosen. Select ink or paint that
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You Prick Yourself With A Needle On Your Hand Then Shake Hands. Or jump of a swing and let your friend pick at a scab or something.
It would be best to clean the blade with pure alcohol then dry it off, after that light it with a lighter or match, just to make sure its sterile. after that just make a verry small
If you want to become a blood you will need to be initiated into the gang. Gang life is not usually the best way to live your life. They are always into illegal activities and will
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Becoming blood sisters was typically done to honor a bond with a female friend. This often included exchanging blood in some way. This can also be attained by ...
Friends are sometimes so close they feel like family. Unfortunately you can't become blood sisters with anyone if you're not born in the same family. Some people ...
A person can easily become a blood sister without blood by using a soul color and buying similar color markers. The finger should be marked with the color. ...
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