How can I get a license to drive?


Teenagers can apply for a driving license through their state's Department of Revenue, Department of Motor Vehicles, Secretary of State office, Department of Public Safety, Motor Vehicle Division or Motor Vehicle Agency. An individual must satisfy their state's teen driver requirements. One is required to complete a Driver's Education program, apply for a learner's permit, get a provisional license and upgrade to unrestricted driver's license.

An applicant must go through all the necessary steps in order to get skills required to get a driving license. The driving test and DMV written test requires one to learn this steps in order to pass the tests. Depending on the state of the applicant, the most important things are completing a Driver's Education program, acquiring driving experience, parental consent, completing DMV written test, supervised driving sessions, passing DMV road test, unsupervised driving sessions and a limit on the number of passengers in the car. Some states require an applicant to reach the minimum age before applying for a driver's license. Due to a high number of road accidents, most states have young driver laws and GDL programs to help new drivers get the necessary experience for driving carefully on the road. It is vital for an applicant to learn specific driving laws in their state prior to making an application.

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