How to Bend Aluminum Trim?


It is not very hard to Bend Aluminum or to trim it. All you need is a Tool that looks like a Hand held steam roller. You roll the Aluminum around it and it will bend the way you want it.Then use some Tin Shears and cut .
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1. Attach the locking handle and the braking handle to the handle post on the brake, using the fast pins supplied with the unit. 2. Clean the bottom of the F-bar and rear hinge to
1 Use a manual pipe bender or a hydraulic bender if you have one. You can bend 1 1/4" aluminum conduit by hand, but a manual pipe bender will make it easier. It doesn't matter
Thanks to Alfred L. Ercoline and Kenneth B. Wilton, the aluminum bending brake was invented and patented in 1968. The invention of this machine led to a revolutionary change in the
you dont. just cut siding to fit and silicone it.
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How to Bend Aluminum Trim
Bending aluminum trim for siding installation is most easily done using a portable bending machine called a brake. In addition to the brake, a portable roll forming tool allows you to bend aluminum to the exact angle needed for a specific application.... More »
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In order to bend aluminum trim you will need a capping machine. You will also need a level, a utility knife and a combination square. Many home improvement stores rent the capping machine, this will be more economical than buying one if you are only planning to use it once or twice. Use the utility knife to kind of score the aluminum before you put it on the capping machine. This will make it easier to bend the aluminum.
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