How to Bend Sheet Aluminum?


To bend aluminium, it is generally a good idea to maintain the inside radius at any rate equal to the material thickness. Bend the aluminium around excessively small of an inside radius and a cracking will happen. Cracking is most articulated when the bend runs equivalent to the natural grain of the material.
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1. Mark the location of the bend on both sides of the aluminum sheet. Place a small punch mark on each line with a center punch and a hammer. 2. Measure the distance between the top
1 Take a piece using these dimensions as shown above. Ad 2 Cut a piece of sheet metal, 2 X 4 inches, .040 material thickness and a Bend Radius of .375. You will do this by taking
you could cut it the aluminum with your hands and or with scissors. with your hands is dangerous.
As shown in the photo, now bring the end of blue line 2 beneath both parts of the loop in line 1. Continue to step 3.
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How to Bend an Aluminum Sheet
Sheet metal brakes and aluminum siding brakes place clean bends on sheet aluminum. One downfall to a brake is the cost and room required to house the equipment. Hand bending without mechanical equipment produces clean bends with a minimal amount of... More »
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