How to Binge and Purge?


To binge and purge you must have a true desire to go through with the ugly process. You will eat until you can't eat anymore and then use your finger to make yourself throw up.
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1. Take note of what stresses you. Stress is the number one cause of binging and purging. Write down your stressors and avoid them. 2. Eat when you are hungry. If you avoid eating
The binge-and-purge cycle (commoly referred to by the notation "b/p") is often seen in eating disroders like bulimia. It begins with a person "bingeing". This
Bingeing and purging involves eating much larger amounts than normal (bingeing) then attempting to compensate by removing the food consumed from the body, known as purging.
Binge (Noun) - An occasion for excessive eating or drinking. Purge (Noun)
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Purging or laxatives aren't effective. Vomiting immediately ...
Binging purging can cause you to take in calories. During an average binge, you may consume from 3,000 to 5,000 calories in one short hour. Purging only reinforces ...
Bulimia nervosa is a type of eating disorder. Food is purged with this eating disorder. This sometimes occurs after episodes of binge eating. Methods of purging ...
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