How to Block Certain Numbers from Calling?


To bloke incoming calls you should go to the 'Security' settings on your phone. There should be a menu item that says 'Security Settings,' or 'Settings' and then 'Security.'Enter in your unlock code to access the security settings in your phone. If you have never set up this feature, use '0000' for the first time and change it soon after. Go to the section for restricting incoming calls. There are options to restrict all calls, no calls, calls from anyone not in your contacts list, calls from a specific person in your contacts list or calls from a specific number. The exact options depend on the type of phone
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1. Go to the "Settings" of your landline set if your phone has the Caller ID feature. 2. Create a list of the numbers you want to block by selecting the option "Call
1. Note the time and date the blocked call was received. Keeping a record of what is said during blocked phone calls is also important. Heavy breathing and hangups should be noted
Most carriers offer a service that you are able to
That depends on your telephone company, and possibly on where you are and what make and model of phone you have.
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There are three ways to block your number on outgoing calls. The best known and most popular is to dial *67 before you dial the number you want to call. The second ...
To block someone from calling your cell phone, you first should contact your phone carrier. Your carrier may or may not have the ability to block numbers. If your ...
To block your number when calling someone depends whether you want the number to be stopped up permanently or temporally. If you want to stop it up it permanently ...
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