How do you block certain numbers from calling?


To bloke incoming calls you should go to the 'Security' settings on your phone. There should be a menu item that says 'Security Settings,' or 'Settings' and then 'Security.'Enter in your unlock code to access the security settings in your phone. If you have never set up this feature, use '0000' for the first time and change it soon after. Go to the section for restricting incoming calls. There are options to restrict all calls, no calls, calls from anyone not in your contacts list, calls from a specific person in your contacts list or calls from a specific number. The exact options depend on the type of phone
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1. Pick up the handset of the telephone you have Comcast telephone service on and verify that you have dial tone. 2. Press "60" on your telephone key pad. 3. Follow the
Delete the person number from your phone, so you can't call
you insert 141 before dialling their number. i.e. if calling my friend, Joe Bloggs, instead of dialling 03698 123456, i would dial 14103698 123456. (name and number made up) On their
1. Plug your SIM card reader into your computer. This device is about the size of a flash drive and it will plug into your computer's USB port. 2. Install the software that came with
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