How to Block GPS?


To block the (gps) Global Positioning System signals, drive a permanently mounted, GPS-equipped vehicle into an underground parking structure to quickly and simply block the GPS signal then place a hand-held receiver in an environment that will block GPS signals also placing it in a water-tight bag underwater will block the signal, as will carrying into a basement then test other marginal ways to block the signal and because GPS receivers will not get a signal inside a building, under dense foliage such as in a forest, the GPS receivers need to be able to see a minimum of three satellites for a latitude and longitude fix, they need four satellites for latitude, longitude and altitude calculations.
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The only reliable and legal way to block GPS is by not using anything with GPS enabled. There are GPS signal jammers, but they're illegal to own and use in many places.
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1. Shop around and find a GPS blocker. The blocker can cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000. It will stop most GPS tracking devices from sending signals to a GPS receiver. The more expensive
You can get a device that when switched on will interfere with the gps device disabling it from knowing your location. For more information visit
You don't do anything that would get you tracked to begin with.
Before I answer this I would have to know why you are trying to be elusive. Did you steal the van? Are you planning to? Are you going to drive it some place you dont want to be discovered
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To block the signals of a GPS, you should get the anti-tracking GPS jammer that costs $200 and install the device by simply plugging jammer into the cigarette ...
The best way to jam a GPS signal is with a GPS jamming device. These emit frequencies that block the GPS from sending out it's location. The downside is that these ...
To block a vehicle tracker you could either choose to buy a GPS jamming device or wrap the cables that go into the device in foil. ...
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