How to Block GPS Signal?


To block the signals of a GPS, you should get the anti-tracking GPS jammer that costs $200 and install the device by simply plugging jammer into the cigarette lighter in your car and it begins working automatically. It will block devices within a 5- to 20-meter radius, and it will not interfere with telecommunication devices.
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1. Drive a permanently mounted, GPS-equipped vehicle into an underground parking structure to quickly and simply block the GPS signal. The nature of the signals is that GPS is line-of-sight
GPS will not penetrate through most home construction materials. It can be blocked by heavy forest, snowfall, and other natural events. You could wrap the GPS system with aluminum
If you can cover the product in aluminum foil, that may due the trick, or disable the GPS tracker inside.
Almost all new cell phones have GPS receivers either for for tracking in
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How to Block GPS Signals
The civilian GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite system signal transmits with low power, line-of-sight at 1575.42 MHz in the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) band. The system is a constellation of 24 satellites launched by the U.S. Department of Defense.... More »
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There are two recommended ways to fool a GPS tracking system. The first way is to create a signal that overpowers the signal from the GPS that way the GPS wont ...
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A GPS jammer is a device used to confuse signals and essentially hide a vehicle. This can be used to avoid the police, prank iPhone users, and to avoid paying ...
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