How to Block Private Calls on a Cell Phone?


The way you can block private calls on a cell phone will vary depending on the type of phone and your phone carrier. In most cases, you can block private calls by visiting the carrier's website. Then, log into your cell phone account and choose the tab that is marked privacy or security settings. Once you select the section that allows you to control spam or private numbers, you can then block or remove blocks from that website.
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1. Check your Caller ID options. If you are receiving the private calls on your cell phone number, go to "Menu" and select the option "Network Services. Choose the
If you need to block calls on your cell phone you can always check with your user manual to see how to do this, but in the event you are not able to look in your manual you can go
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How to Block Private Calls From a Cell Phone
When you receive anonymous or private calls from a cell phone, you may feel certain that it's from somebody with whom you don't want to speak. People make private calls when they want to hide their identity. You can easily block the private caller from... More »
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You can make a private call to a cell phone or on a cell phone the same way you would from a land line. If you first dial *67, your number will be blocked. This ...
It can be tough to trace private calls on cell phones. These are the calls received from people or businesses who are actively blocking their number for some reason ...
It would depend on your service provider. If you need to block a number from texting you on an lg phone, contact your carrier and ask them how you can block one ...
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