How to Block Sites on Internet Explorer?


If you want to block some websites from the internet explorer, you will need to go to the tools and then internet options. In the content advisor section, you can click there and type all the sites that you want to block. Then you will be prompted to set a password and this you will do and click ok.
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1. Open Internet Explorer. Click on the “Tools” menu, mouse down to “Pop-up Blocker” and click on “Pop-up Blocker Settings….” Select the
Blocking Web sites in Internet Explorer can be an important function, especially if you have kids. Many sites have false links that lead users to adult content. This quickly defeats
Blocking a website in Internet Explorer is actually pretty easy to do. You would right click on the E, which is the Internet Explorer browser, and choose properties. From here, you
Use can use the 'Trusted' and 'Restricted' website options in your Internet Settings-Security Tab to block and unblock web sites from being accessed by your computer. You can add
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Internet Explorer provides built-in tools to manage the content that is viewable through the web browser. Browse to Internet Options from within the browser or ...
You can block sites on internet explorer by first opening your internet explorer then click on Tools then click Internet Options, click the privacy tab, click ...
In Internet Explorer 7, go to Tools, Internet Options, and then Security and click on Restricted Sites and specify the bad sites. Firefox has checkboxes on the ...
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