How to Block Unknown Callers?


There is no way to block unknown callers. The only way to block someone from calling you is to provide the number you want blocked to your cell phone company. If they block their number from showing up on your caller ID their call will still come through.
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1. Sign up for an anonymous call rejection service through your home phone service. To activate the service, dial "77" from your home phone. This will alert the caller that
You can identify unknown callers by simply connecting a caller id device to your phone. Such device has the ability to identify who's calling.
Turn the ringer off and let the answering machine pick everything up. Then if you want to talk you can just pick up the phone. But there are phone options for this problem for your
The code to block unknown callers on your phone is *77.
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To identify unknown name and unknown number callers is to subscribe to a caller id. You can call up your phone provider and ask for this added feature. This will ...
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To block a number from appearing on caller id, *67 can be dialed before the number is entered. For example, *67655-4321 would block the number that is calling. ...
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