How do you blow smoke hearts?


To blow smoke hearts first perfect smoke rings. On hearts you want to hold the middle of the bottom lip upwards. You may have to hold it with your hand. Good luck.
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1 Choose a dense source of smoke. A hookah may give the best results, followed by a cigar or tobacco pipe. Don't use something too harsh or too hot. You'll need to be able to hold
1. Puff on the cigarette until you have a mouthful of smoke. Close your mouth and lips. Pull the back of your tongue as far back into your throat as possible. The tip of your tongue
Blowing smoke rings can be quite entertaining for yourself and your guests.
Putting it all into words is tough, try this video:
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Assuming you already know how to blow smoke rings, positioning the lips in various ways will create different shaped rings. To blow smoke hearts for instance, simply hold the center of your bottom lip slightly upwards as you blow your smoke ring as usual.
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