What is the method to boil okra?


To boil okra, find a pot that is large enough to fit 3/4 of the okra and add water halfway. Bring the water to boil and add rinsed okra. Boil for 5 minutes while stirring and start tasting. Try piercing them with a fork near the stem and as soon as the fork penetrates, the okra is done.
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1. Chop off the stems on the upper portions of the okra pods and rinse the pods to prepare them for boiling. 2. Place the okra into a pot and add water until the water level is about
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Clean your fresh okra thoroughly to remove all dirt and grime that comes with growing the
Okra is usually a warm weather plant but you can grow them in containers indoors also. Wait unitl the summer to transplant them outside and they have VERY fragile roots so be very
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How to Boil Okra
How to Boil Okra. Boiling okra is often required as part of a larger recipe--or you can eat boiled okra alone. It's truly up to you. The process of boiling okra is rather easy, as the only real tricky part is determining when your okra is fully cooked.... More »
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The procedure of boiling okra is slightly easy, as the only real tricky part is determining when its fully cooked. Chop off stems on the portions of the pods and wash the pods to prepare them for boiling, put it sauce pan add water to level of 1inch it needs high heat boiling which lasts for 4to 5 minutes then drain the okra for serving
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