How do you boil a Polish sausage?


How long you boil Polish sausage will depend on whether it is pre-cooked sausage or not. Generally speaking, bring water to a boil, add your sausage and any spices you want. Cover and lower the heat and cook for about 30 - 50 minutes depending on the quantity of sausage.
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45 minutes to an hour. bring water to a boil then simmer on low to medium heat.
1. Heat two tablespoons. of extra virgin olive oil in a skillet on medium heat. Add the Italian sausage link to the skillet. Cook the Italian sausage link on both sides for about
Bring to the boil and allow about 2 minutes on a slow heat otherwise they will burst open. Keep an eye on them and do not leave unattended.
Place Polish kielbasa sausage in a large pot and cover
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