How do you book train tickets online?


To book train tickets, one should go to the website of the service station in which they want to travel with. In the website, one will have to fill in some information so as to know what time and where they want to travel and if the tickets are available.
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1. Book your train ticket online by visiting the website of your local train service provider. This is an easy method that requires access to the Internet. 2. Contact the train service
I don't have any actual numbers, but I think the answer lies in: 1. the train class i.e. 1AC, 2AC, 3AC, Sleeper, General etc. 2. the train route. When I travel from one metro city
Booking on-line has many advantages. It's faster, more convenient and you don't have to go to the station twice. You just book your ticket(s) and either have them delivered to your
DONT unless you have a couple of weeks before you travel. You would be better off going to your nearest station that has booking facilities and spending some time with the assistant
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How to Book Train Tickets Online
Booking train tickets online will help you save the time it takes to pick up a telephone and book tickets with an agent. Often, when you call a train ticket agent, you have to go through automated prompts before you get to talk to an actual person and... More »
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