How to Bootleg Cable TV?


There are quite a few ways that you can bootleg cable tv. One way is to have a DVR and record what u would like to record into it and then transfer to the PC and burn.
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If you want to bootleg cable, also plan on how you will look in stripes, because it is against the law to steal cable. Many companies these days offer a variety of packages with good prices.
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1. Unplug your television and turn the set around so the back of the set is facing you. 2. Disconnect the antenna or cable connection from the television's “VHF,” &ldquo
It's better! The S-video connection is not overrated. It's better than the coax connection and is better than the Yellow-Red-White RCA interface, so if that's what you're using now,
One thing to keep in mind is that the shows on pay channels like Showtime and HBO have a bit more time in each hourlong episode (~10 more minutes) because they don't have the traditional
Fuel TV is not available through US Cable, the only
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Cable television is a system that entails provision of television services to consumers through radio frequency using coaxial cables. These services are popularly ...
You can hook Up Cable Television to a JVC TV by attaching the cable wire to the wall and the Antennae in connection to the cable box. Then put the composite cable ...
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