How to Box in Pipework?


Boxing in pipes is a way to hide exposed pipe work from view. To box in a pipe: first take measurements of the length of the pipes and cut a length of batten that is slightly wider than the depth of the pipes from the wall. Fix the batten vertically to the wall alongside the pipes. Use a spirit level to ensure it is level. Fit one-piece plastic joint blocks between the pipes and the batten. Take measurements of the width between the outside edges of the batten and use the measurements to cut a piece of plywood to cover the batten and pipes. Fix it in place using screws or panel pins. Paint or cover the box to match the surrounding wall.
Q&A Related to "How to Box in Pipework"
I don't think there is any problem at all running water pipes near to alarm boxes other than having water near electricity which would be a pluming standard and earth bonding issue.
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