How do I braid in fake hair?


You can easily braid in fake hair by taking a few strands of the fake hair and putting it into the group with your actual hair. You can add the fake hair to just one section or you can evenly distribute the hair throughout all three sections. It works both ways and is very simple to do. 
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1. Part out a section of hair horizontally with a rat-tail comb, about 1 inch from the nape. Clip the remaining hair up. 2. Part a smaller subsection vertically at the edge of the
Learning how to braid hair is easy and this step-by-step guide includes essential tips that will help you create braids that are smooth and beautiful whether you want to learn how
1 brush out any tangles in the hair, it can be freshly washed or just got out of bed hair 2 part the hair into two sections 3 take one of the sections and cross it over the other
1. Separate a 3-inch-wide, thick section of your hair from the middle of your forehead. Pull the hair away from your face toward the back of your head. 2. Wrap the middle section
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How to Braid in Fake Hair
Braiding is a longtime cultural ritual popular among Africans and African Americans, and has been around for centuries. What was once a cultural statement is now a popular hairstyle worn by all ethnicities. More popular are the individual braids with... More »
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To hair braid, start by dividing all the hair into three even sections and then comb each section smooth. Cross the right hand section over the middle section. ...
Some of the African braiding salons are Daba African Hair Braiding Saloon, Marie's African Hair Braiding Saloon and Detroit African braiding shop. To braid African ...
The Fishbone Hair Braid also known as Herringbone Braid is a simple braid that is consistent on hair strands. To do such a braid, first comb the hair. Gather small ...
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