How to Braid Leather Necklaces?


To braid Leather necklaces, use three or two leather straps and grasp the end of all three then bend them over to make a knot with a loop at the end. Alternatively you can tie a knot in one end and pin it to something and braid it as you would braid hair. When braiding is finished, tie a knot onto the end to secure the braid. Leather Necklaces are easy to make and you can add beads or crystals as you braid.
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1. Cut three leather strips. You can purchase pre-cut leather cords, which are rounded on the edges and come in a variety of colors. But if you really want to make your necklace from
1 Cut a 1 inch wide leather strip. Determine the length of braid you need and add 1/3 more material to that measurement before cutting. The process of braiding will shorten the material
A braided necklace is one of the best accessories to complete your bohemian look. It makes a fresh and quirky appeal, lending a youthful look to any getup. You can find lots of braided
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How to Make a Braided Leather Necklace
Braided leather necklaces are an easy-to-make but versatile piece of jewelry. Depending on your preferences, color of leather, and accessories, you can make a necklace that is traditional or quirky, elegant or fun. Make one for each of your favorite... More »
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To braid a leather necklace, take three long leather strands and tie a knot about 3 inches from a combined end. Secure the end with the knot and braid, add beads for a different look to the center strand every other braid. Braid to length, tie another knot, trim the ends and tie around the neck.
Braiding leather necklaces is the same concept as braiding string necklaces. First cut three pieces of leather all the same length and width. Next fold one end of the leather over to form a loop. Knot off the loop. Next start braiding the three strings from the top of the loop to the end of the strings. Knot the end and fold over and secure into the loop on the other end. To make the necklace even more stylish you can add a charm to the necklace before securing.
To braid leather necklaces you will need to cut three pieces of pre-cut leather cords. Be sure that they are rounded at the end. Move the right cord over the top of the middle cord. Move the middle cord to the right hand and move the left cord over to your left hand. Pull tightly and continue the steps.
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