How to Braid Reins?


To braid reins, you will need to begin with thin but high quality leather. Cut the leather into strips that are about two feet longer than your finished braid should be. Then, you will knot one end of the three strands together.
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1. High-quality climbing rope is easy to braid and soft on your hands. Measure and cut three lengths of the climbing rope, each length measuring 7 1/2-inches long or desired length
There was a great book on braiding equipment. It was aprt of a series of books put out by Western Horseman. Check their site, they may have a list of the books they published.
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1 Get your helmet, a lead rope, a horse, and a saddle (unless you want to ride bareback). Ad 2 If your horse is trained to ride with just a regular halter (not of leather, but one
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