How to Brainwash Someone?


It is not possible to brainwash someone without taking very cruel and desperate measures. While there have been cases of brainwashing, such as those attributed to the Nazis of 1940s Germany, they are few and far between. The Nazis used various methods of torture, and also made heavy use of both video and audio propaganda, which they forced soldiers to listen to, repeatedly, until they were, in a sense, brainwashed. There have also been cases of children being raised in such a way that they are brainwashed against others from birth.
Q&A Related to "How to Brainwash Someone?"
There are many forms of social influence, such as persuasion, but brainwashing is the most severe. Brainwashing changes someone's way of thinking without their consent. Isolation
MORE? Isolation is a means of brainwashing. It deprives the victim of all social support
"Brainwashing" claims have not really been studied scientifically, partly because one cannot ethically conduct a controlled experiment on the wholesale manipulation of another
I need real life scenarios that people can be brainwashed. I'm not brainwashing anybody so chill it's for a story LOOL Whoever said religious parents stfu. Religion doesn't always
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