How do you break a deadbolt lock?


Dead bolt locks are meant for high security on commercial or residential locks. However you can bread a deadbolt lock using what is known as a 'bump key'. This is simply a regular key with it's teeth filed down in a certain manner and the point of the key filed flat. Insert the key into the lock and hit the key shoulder with a hammer or other heavy object driving the key into the lock. This will break the lock and allow the cylinder to turn and slide the bolt open.
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1. Hold the power drill up to the dead bolt lock and drill through the keyhole. This will permanently disable the lock, allowing you to remove the lock once it is open. You may need
1 Purchase the new lock before removing the old one. This way, your home will not be unsecured for a long period. Ad 2 Remove the screws from the part of the lock that is on the inside
Is your deadbolt lock becoming more and more difficult to turn or open? If this is the case, it is time for a lubrication of the lock. In time, debris and dirt can take out the smoothness
get a key that is made by the same company that makes the deadbolt and it cant be a blank key, stick the key in the lock and gently apply pressure by turning the key to the unlock
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How to Break Into a Deadbolt Lock
Locksmithing is a hobby that can provide hours of entertainment and help to improve fine motor skills as well as the ability to be patient. While it does not apply to all deadbolt locks, some deadbolts are nearly as easy to be picked using standard... More »
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