How to Break a Spell?


There are many different types of spells and each one has its own unique way of breaking. There are people who specialise in spells and some usually offer lessons on how to cast and break spells. For more information on different spells and how to break them, follow this link;
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To break a spell, open your heart to God and pray on your knees. Ask for forgiveness and ask for help. Go to a priest or reverend and ask for some guidance and help.
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1. Hire a witch or a wizard. People who practice magic are the best source for breaking a magic spell. They can use your information to look at your stars, do a divination using tarot
You will need: Rosemary. Sage. Sage smudging bundle. Abalone Shell. Matches/lighter. black obsidian. in a warm bath, tie sea salt, rosemary and sage into a piece of cheesecloth. (
Breaking the Spell is a 1999 anarchist documentary, directed by Tim Lewis, Tim
I'm proposing we break the spell that creates an invisible moat around religion, the one that says, "Science stay away. Don't try to study religion." But if we don't understand
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