How do you break in new cowboy boots?


If you just bought a new pair of cowboy boats, you will feel how stiff they are. To break them in you should wear them around the house to stretch them out. This will make them more comfortable.
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1. Wear your boots with thick socks while working around the house. The pressure from normal wear will help stretch the leather. 2. Wipe the inside and outside of your boots with
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1. Decide what you will be using your boots for. Western type boots fall in to 2 general categories - fashion and traditional. Select fashion cowboy boots if you desire boots that
Wear them all day indoors, while lounging around. Don't walk with them much, as you
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What Is the Best Way to Break In New Cowboy Boots?
Cowboy boots are designed for form and function. The heel keeps your foot from sliding too far into the stirrup while riding a horse, and the smooth, tapered toe allows you to dismount easily, or rapidly in the case of an emergency. Most cowboy boots are... More »
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One of the best ways to shrink cowboy boots is to soak the boots in a tub of water until the boot leather is completely wet. Allow the boots to dry in the sun, ...
Breaking in leather boots is done to increase a boots life span reducing the cost of buying a new one. To break in leather boots wear your boots to ensure they ...
The traditional dress of Australia people is jeans and cowboys boots. Australia has a laid back type of style. ...
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