How do you break open a parking meter?


A parking meter is a mechanical device used for registering and collecting payment for the length of time that a vehicle occupies a parking space. To break a parking meter: park your car in front of the meter. While in your car, find a business card. Tear 1 inch off of the end and 1/2 inch off of the bottom. Fold the paper in half length-wise and then fold it in half length-wise again. Walk up to the meter and insert the thick folded card into the quarter slot until the paper stops. When the card is about half-way in, turn the crank on the meter all the way. Turning the crank will pull the card into the slot further. Turn the crank until the yellow violation sign appears at the top and sticks. That is the broken position which is the yellow violation sign.
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1. Parking signs often have important information not found on the meter. Check the signage around your parking spot. Just because a spot has a meter does not always mean you can
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From what I understand, $0.00, because. Chicago sells rights to city parking meters for $1.2 billion.
1 Note how the app works. The app is pretty simple; it pulls up a Google map near your current location and displays open parking spots within a 1.5km/0.9 mile radius of where you
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