How to Break a Human Neck?


You can break a human neck by placing your hands on either side of their head and snapping or turning their head with enough force to break it. You could also cause an accident that would break someones neck.
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By putting ur hand on it's neck go back wards by pulling it down there go.
There are no benefits of a broken neck. It can cause paralysis and sometimes
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Necks are something that can be broken. You could break someone's neck by twisting it if you do it the right way. There are other ways to break someone's neck, ...
It is very difficult to bring someone's neck. Breaking someone's neck can paralyze or kill them. Breaking someone's neck is a very serious crime and can possibly ...
It is never wise to break someones' neck. It could lead to paralysis or death. One should wonder, then, why would you even be asking that question? ...
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