How to Break Your Ankle Yourself?


To break your ankle yourself you can try doing anything physically dangerous. You can throw yourself off the roof or down a set of stairs.
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So many ways! Fall down the stairs. Drop a brick on it. Have a car run over it. Run really weird. go ice skating when you don't know how. have a strong kicking person kick it multiple
1. Make sure your foot sits firmly in the heel of the boot. There should be a minimum of 3/4-inch additional length at the toe of the boot. If your boots don't fit correctly, exchange
1. Stop eating those chocolates. Sure they help you ease your pain but in the long run those pounds add up. Ad. 2. Start exercising. It helps create a better image. You'll feel more
Ankle breaks, or fractures, can occur in many ways: for example, by falls, contact sports and
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The intentional destruction of tissue or alteration of the body is known as self-mutilation. If you wish to harm yourself, you should seek treatment from a therapist.
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