How to Break Your Finger with No Pain?


There is not a way to break your finger with no pain. You will feel less pain if you use ice on the finger to numb it before breaking it. There is pain with any broken bone so even with the ice, pain will still be experienced.
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There is no way to break your finger without pain.There is many different ways to break it and only a few without pain.The most common is to bend it back until your knuckle breaks
Breaking your ankle on accident is one thing, but wanting to do it on purpose is bad. If your ankle is broken bad enough it could need surgery. If you want to break bones on purpose
1. Determine the severity (degree) of the burn. Get medical attention for serious third-degree burns. 2. Gently pour cool water over the fingers, or soak them in cool water. You may
The only way i can think of is to be on pain meds or muscle relaxers. I
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