How to Break Your Finger with No Pain?


There is not a way to break your finger with no pain. You will feel less pain if you use ice on the finger to numb it before breaking it. There is pain with any broken bone so even with the ice, pain will still be experienced.
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put your finger in a bucket of ice until its numb then bend it backwards or sideways until you hear a snap
1. Determine the severity (degree) of the burn. Get medical attention for serious third-degree burns. 2. Gently pour cool water over the fingers, or soak them in cool water. You may
The only way i can think of is to be on pain meds or muscle relaxers. I
1 Calm down. Freaking out will not help you. Calm down so that you can think clearly about whether or not it is very painful, and what remedies you can use. Breathe in and out slowly
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