How to Break Your Finger with No Pain?


There is not a way to break your finger with no pain. You will feel less pain if you use ice on the finger to numb it before breaking it. There is pain with any broken bone so even with the ice, pain will still be experienced.
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You can break your hand in many ways. Any fall that involves enough force the wrong way can break bones in the hand. Such as in most sports. You can break bones by a hard impact with
1. Grab the pinkie of the individual if possible. The pinkie is the easiest finger to break. 2. Grab an individual finger, if possible, if you can not grab the pinkie. Grabbing multiple
By applying more force than the strength of the bone can withstand. Not recommended.
1. Score the circumference of your geode lightly with a hammer and chisel. 2. Continue scoring until a crack develops in the rock. If a crack doesn't develop, gradually use more force
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