How to Break Your Leg on Purpose?


How you choose to break your leg on purpose depends on your level of pain tolerance. The least damaging way to break your leg is to have a friend drop an immense weight on your shin, enough to fracture it. You can also crash the driver side of your car in order to cause enough trauma to break it.
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You can break your leg in many ways, a car accident or bike accident or falling from something high. Some people have issues with calcium and brittle bones and can break a leg just
well. you could try falling from a high distance or hitting your leg with a hammer. If you are falling from a high distance point your foot and try to land only on that one foot.
Decide why you would like to have a broken leg. Make a list of pros and cons and if the pros outweigh the cons, get a second opinion. If you still decide that a broken leg is the
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The intentional destruction of tissue or alteration of the body is known as self-mutilation. If you wish to harm yourself, you should seek treatment from a therapist.
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