How to Break Your Own Wrist on Purpose?


I would not suggest that you break your own wrist on purpose, but if you really want to, you could probably do it by dropping something very heavy on it.
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You can break your own wrist on purpose by falling on it or by smashing it on something. However, breaking your own wrist on purpose is not a very smart idea. Once you break your wrist it may never be the same again. If you are feeling depressed or there is another personal reason why you want to break your wrist please talk to someone. You can find more information here:
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Your wrist is very hard to break Methods The ways are very painful, but
You will experience severe pain with a broken bone, so it will never be "quietly" Second, it is very difficult to break a bone in a healthy young person, so it would be
Ehm, quite the odd question. I broke my wrist playing football last year. I fell forward and landed awkwardly on my wrist. My whole body weight landed on it, snapping it. So I guess
She could fall of her bed or slip over getting out of the shower jump down the stairs anything that involves a large amout of force out on the body basically. And other than pain,
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There is not one specific way to break your wrist on purpose. Breaking your wrist can and will be excruciatingly painful. Many people break their wrist on accident ...
How to avoid breaking your wrist might be a better question. Try to imagine how hard it would be to have to do everything with just one hand while the other is ...
Wrists are typically broken due to a fall or other heavy impact. This causes the bone to fracture, and can take months to heal. ...
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