How to Break Your Wrist at Home?


You should never break your own wrist at home. This is an extremely painful fracture that takes quite a long time to heal, and can cause lifelong problems even when it is fully healed. In addition, the medical expenses to treat a broken wrist are extremely expensive, and if a health insurance company discovers that it was not an accident, it may decide not to cover those expenses. In some cases, you can even be charged with insurance fraud.
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You can break your wrist from many things like a slip and fall or even twisting it the wrong way and putting too much weight on it. It occurs most often by people falling and the
1. After the injury occurs, put as little stress and tension on the wrist as possible. This should be rather easy, since you can use your other hand and feet to move around or grab
Nikki, if you break a wrist or anything else, you will hate life even more. I've broken both my wrists, and life pretty much stops. You can barely dress yourself, can't get a container
That is such BS. You are F***ING crazy! Why would you ever need to know how to break your wrist at home? You want to break your wrist "quick and easy at home"? Sounds like
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There is not one specific way to break your wrist on purpose. Breaking your wrist can and will be excruciatingly painful. Many people break their wrist on accident ...
Intentionally breaking your wrist is not a good idea as it will hurt and you will need to go to the hospital. However, some ways to break your wrist include dropping ...
Generally, the fastest way to break your wrist is to fall on it while it is on an awkward angle. However, it is advisable to keep yourself from situations that ...
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