How to Bruise Yourself?


Although self injury is something that should be avoided, there are ways that you can bruise yourself. The most straight-forward way is to strike yourself with your hands, either openhanded or with a fist; in either case, hitting with sufficient force will yield a bruise. Alternatively, hard objects like pieces of wood and metal can be used to strike oneself, and therefore create a bruise.
Q&A Related to "How to Bruise Yourself?"
One way to give yourself a bruise is to suck firmly on the area with your mouth. Be safe! Text us 24/7
How do you heal a bruise? Bruises can be quite embarrassing, especially if you're scheduled to wear a cocktail dress and just gave blood, leaving a bruise on your delicate inner arm
The best way to avoid paintball bruises is to wear equipment designed to keep you safe. A face mask, goggles and a helmet are a must for protecting your head. In addition, covering
You really shouldn't. I accidentall dropped a 5 pounds hand weight (dumbbells) on my foot and that caused a major bruise. If you want to use something heavy like a hammer or a brick
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