How to Bruise Yourself?


Although self injury is something that should be avoided, there are ways that you can bruise yourself. The most straight-forward way is to strike yourself with your hands, either openhanded or with a fist; in either case, hitting with sufficient force will yield a bruise. Alternatively, hard objects like pieces of wood and metal can be used to strike oneself, and therefore create a bruise.
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You can bruise yourself by knocking or hitting a body part very very hard. Then it might change colour, that's a maybe!
To speed up the healing process on a bruise a great method is to take margarine or butter and good amount onto the bruise and let it sit - it works really well.
1. Clean the area of skin where you want to place your fake bruise using soap and water. 2. Dust the skin with translucent powder to absorb any excess oils and create a matte canvas
1. punch yourself. 2. hit yourself with blunt object. 3. hit limb on hard surface. 4. ride bike and crash it. 5. jump out of SLOW moving car (around 10-15 mph)
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Self-inflicted bruises occur when an individual accidentally bumps into an object hard enough to create a bruise, as well as when an individual intentionally harms ...
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