How do you build a 6-inch by 9-inch speaker box?


To build a 6x9 speaker box, you will need plywood, a saw, nails or screws and a measuring tape. Measure and cut two pieces to measure 6x9 and then two side pieces that are 3x9. Measure the diameter of your speakers and cut holes to accommodate them.
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1. With a circular saw, cut two rectangular pieces of 3/4-inch MDF to 12x8 inches each. These are the front and back panels of the speaker box. 2. With a circular saw, cut two rectangular
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Pyramid 6994 6X9 speakers has 600 watts peak power; 4 ohm impedance and 70
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How to Build a 6x9 Speaker Box
A 6x9 car speaker is a versatile car audio machine. The cone is large enough for solid bass, while the tweeters provide clear highs. If you have a vehicle that lacks space for speaker installations or upgrades, adding 6x9 speakers -- mounted in boxes --... More »
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How you go about preparing to build a 6x9 speaker box will dictate the quality of the finished project. First you're going to need a head unit, something like a Pioneer or a Kenwood. After that you're going to need to get your hands on the rest of the speaker's relatively affordable component parts. A wiring harness, speakers, an optional subwoofer, an amplifier, and a cap should complete the ensemble. After that you'll want to purchase a metal housing with the appropriate ceramic sheathing, and then you're good to install the speakers in a car or home
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