How can I build a baby gate?


A baby gate is a protective obstacle that is made to prevent the child from accessing areas of harm. A baby gate can be built by first having the measurements, both length and width, between the walls taken. Then glue the boards together, according to your measurements and nail them. Create holes where to place the balusters. Then fasten the frame when the glue dries, paint and screw it to the wall.
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1 Use 2 tension rods(a little longer than doorway is wide, for tension) and heavy duty material (a heavy cotton would work). Ad 2 Measure area where the gate is needed. Material should
1. Measure the opening of the door. 2. Cut two pieces of 1x3-inch lumber 2 inches shorter than the width of the door opening to make the upper and lower rails of the baby gate. Measure
1. Purchase the door you want to use as a gate before you set the gate posts. Measure the width of the door with a tape measure and set the posts that distance apart. Add 1/2 inch
1. Decide on the best location for your walk-through gate. This should be in an existing or planned fence line, preferably n interior fence as opposed to an exterior fence. This should
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How to Build a Baby Gate
If you have a baby just starting to crawl and you live in a house with open stairs, your baby may be in danger of falling down them. A baby gate eliminates this risk. You can build a 3-by-3-foot wood gate that mounts to the wall with hinges. All you need... More »
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