How to Build a Bar Stool Racer?


To build a bar stool racer, you will need a sturdy bar stool and something similar to a small go cart frame with small motor in the middle of the chassis with a gas/brake system plus all 4 wheels. Most people attach their bar stool to the frame over the small motor . Check out this site for more step by step ways to build your bar stool racer
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1. Cut the 1-by-1-foot boards for the seats 11 1/2 inches on all sides to create a square-shaped seat. Cut two pieces of the 2-by-2-foot wood 11 1/2 inches long to create aprons for
The average height of a barstool is thirty inches. Actual "bar" barstools typically are taller, between Forty and Forty-two inches tall.
1. Measure and mark one of the 16-foot lengths in the following increments: two 3-foot lengths, four 2-foot lengths and four 6-inch lengths. Cut each section and brush away burrs
1. Take measurements of your kitchen. Write down the number of empty feet between the cabinets and any nearby walls or walkways. 2. Sketch a drawing of the bar you want to install
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A bar stool racer, with its many parts needed to build, can run over $600 to build. You would need, to just name a few, several parts, including a good motor, a bar stool, brake calipers and a contactor. For more information look here: Here is a detailed site for building a bar stool racer:;
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