How to Build a Bar Stool Racer?


To build a bar stool racer, you will need a sturdy bar stool and something similar to a small go cart frame with small motor in the middle of the chassis with a gas/brake system plus all 4 wheels. Most people attach their bar stool to the frame over the small motor . Check out this site for more step by step ways to build your bar stool racer
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Begin to build your bar stool by putting together the back of the chair. Find the top and bottom back rails. Now find the slats. Take each slat and insert it into the top rail. Insert
1 Cut your pieces. Cut an 18" piece of 1x12, two 12" pieces of 1x12, and then split (lengthwise) a final piece of 16.5" long 1x12 into three, long, equal pieces. Ad
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1. Clean the surface of the stool with a degreasing cleanser and work rags. Strip the old paint or varnish off the stool with a paint stripper and a putty knife. Wash the paint residue
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A bar stool racer, with its many parts needed to build, can run over $600 to build. You would need, to just name a few, several parts, including a good motor, a bar stool, brake calipers and a contactor. For more information look here: Here is a detailed site for building a bar stool racer:;
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