How to Build a Basketball Backboard?


Building a basketball backboard is a good Saturday afternoon project. You will need to make a supply list and then run out and get anything you don't have. Do this before you start.
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1. Use plywood for your basketball backboard because it's cheap and easy to find. You can also use a sturdy square of Plexiglas or plastic. Obviously you need something sturdy enough
Basketball is one of the most popular sports in both in this country and the world. It is fun to watch and play. The great thing about basketball is that it can be played on a team
The biggest thing is to have it braced in a way that it will not have much give to it. You can use at least 1¼” steel or aluminum square tubing to make the frame and
how do we find out the size of the markings of the inner square on the backboard.
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How to Build a Basketball Backboard
Basketball hoops stand at the forefront of American society, especially throughout the Midwest. Drive through any small town in that area, and you'll find several homemade basketball hoops and backboards that have withstood the pressure of thousands of... More »
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Per NBA regulations, the dimensions of a basketball backboard are 6 feet wide by 3 ½ feet high. The backboard is marked with a 2-inch white rectangle ...
The standard dimensions of a basket ball back stop are designated by the NBA as 72 inches wide and 42 inches high. The rectangular goal above the rim is 24 inches ...
Tennis backboards are used so you can hit the tennis ball at it and it come back to you for practice. You can do this with someone or all alone with a backboard. ...
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