How to Build a Bearded Dragon Cage?


Beardies are awesome pets. They are loving, hardy, and fun for kids and adults alike. But buying cages can be expensive and you can build one that's just as good with a little instruction. The first thing to remember is that every reptile is cold blooded so they need you to replicate their nature environment for them. Beardies need high dry heat, an almost desert like environment. Most cages can be made from plywood, mesh screen, adequate substrate, heat rocks, and a well laid plan with accurate measuring. A 60 gallon tank will be what you need for one adult Bearded Dragon, so if you are going to build your own and have a juvenile, it's best to go big. It will save money in the long run and a little extra room won't hurt him, just make sure he has adequate heat. Here is a great video that can show you how to make your own cage. Make sure all your paint and materials are non toxic and check the ingredients online to make sure they are reptile safe.
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Building a cage for your bearded dragon is not difficult. It needs enough room for your bearded dragon to move around in. It also needs a heat source. There are detailed plans for bearded dragon cages available.
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1. Purchase an aquarium or reptile cage. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the dragon's size and allow for future growth. If your dragon is young, a 30-gallon tank will
I wouldl say around 30 gallons and up. 30 gallons is too small. An adult bearded dragon should be in an enclosure of approximately 4 feet by 3 feet. The absolute smallest recommended
Here is a few designs.….….
1 Have the right equipment. Bearded dragons grow really big, so buy a decent sized tank. Making sure you have the right lighting, food or water bowls, right amount of sand and the
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There isn't any specific type of screen that has to be used to build a bearded dragon cage. You can use metal window screen or heavy plastic screening, just be ...
A bearded dragon must be kept in a terrarium with an appropriate substrate. A mesh or wire cage is not ideal as it doesn't retain the proper moisture and temperature ...
1. Cut two pieces of plywood that are 24 by 48 inches. These will be the top and bottom pieces. Sand the edges. 2. Cut two pieces of plywood that are 24 by 24 ...
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