How do you build a boat lift?


You need the following items to build a boat lift: 2 steel I beams, 4 inch x 10 foot, 2 steel I beams, 4 inch x 5 foot, 2 flat steel plates, 6 inches x 6 inches x 1/2 inch, cutting torch, welding machine, drill press, 1/2 inch steel bit, 2-sheave blocks, nylon line and steel eyebolts. Once you have the materials ready, cut one end of each of the 5-foot and 10-foot I beams at a 45-degree angle with the cutting torch. Weld together a 5-foot I beam and 10-foot I beam at the cut edges of the beams. Take additional I beams and repeat the welding process to form the davits (structure composed of two welded steel beams). Drill 1/2-inch holes using the drill press into each corner of both steel plates. Weld a flat steel plate to the bottom of each 10-foot beam. On the end of the 5-foot I beams also weld a steel eye bolt to be used to suspend the rive tackle. Bolt the davits to the dock walkway or pier. The davits need to be one boat-length apart, based on the length of your boat. With the line, reeve a twofold purchase in the blocks. Hang the blocks from the eye bolts on the davits. Fix an eye bolt into the forward structural member (the stem) and into the aft structural member (the main frame or transom frame) of your boat.
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1. Cut one end of each of the 5-foot and 10-foot "I" beams at a 45-degree angle with the cutting torch. Weld a 5-foot "I" beam to a 10-foot "I" beam
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How to Build Your Own Boat Lift
A boat lift can save you maintenance by keeping your boat at the water, but out of the water, and is perfect if you have your own private dock. The simplest boat lift you can make is a pair of davits, the small cranes used to lift lifeboats over the side... More »
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To build a boat lift yourself you will first need to take measurements to determine the size you need it to be. You then need to buy a boat lift kit that fits the measurements and assemble it. For more information on building a boat lift check out this site:
To build a boat lift, you will need tools and a good understanding on using them. You can build a boat lift yourself and save money. Building a boat lift will take time and a small investment but it will be well worth it.
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