How to Build a Breeze Block Wall?


A breeze block is a typical building block made of concrete and ash. You Prepare the cement and mix the appropriate amount of cement for building a wall. Use high density breeze blocks to lay the foundation. The foundation should be twice as wide as the width of a breeze block and the depth too should be twice the size of the thickness of the breeze blocks. Once the first row is laid, use a level to ensure that the breeze blocks have been laid in perfect alignment. Build the wall. This gives the wall more strength. Again pour cement into the holes of the breeze blocks Finally continue adding layers in this manner until you have achieved the height you were looking for.
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1. Dig a trench for the footings where you are building the wall. Dig the trench at least twice as wide as the breeze-blocks, and twice the height of the blocks, or below the frost
Building a block wall is no easy task, you would think that the blocks would be stack on top of each other, but they need to be staggered. Remember to probably start at the corners.
You must frame it with 1x4 or something like that first. Then apply drywall to the 1x4.
Use a chalk or string to mark the layout of the proposed cinder block wall. Use a measuring tape to ensure that your wall is long enough. Now that the wall is marked, place cinder
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