How to Build a Brick Driveway?


To build a brick drive way: the first step is to prepare the area for the driveway. You will need to shovel the area to an appropriate depth. The next step is to make level the area. Thirdly, choose a pattern to use on the driveway. After deciding on the pattern, place the edge or border pieces of the brick driveway first. The fifth step involves using a rubber mallet to press the edge as closely together as possible. Do not use mortar or cement on a brick driveway as this prevents the bricks from flexing under the weight of vehicles and will eventually crack. Next, start in the middle of the driveways width as you begin to place the driveway bricks between the outer borders. Begin with the middle piece and pack all other pieces into place tightly around this first piece you place. The seventh step is to cut the bricks to fit into the remaining spaces between the inner bricks and the border pieces. A wet saw or striking tool is commonly used to cut the bricks into the necessary shapes and sizes. Lastly, apply sand to the surface of the bricks, allowing the sand to pack into the small cracks between the bricks. Sweep away excess sand and reseat the driveway with sand as required to fill large cracks or gaps between bricks.
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1. Contact the local water and gas companies and have them mark your gas and water lines. Avoid putting the driveway over these lines. 2. Temporarily mark the location of the driveway
Brick driveways add charm to a home, often setting it apart from surrounding homes in the neighborhood. Building a brick driveway for a home does not require a team of professionals
1 Lay out the driveway in the shape you want it. Stake it out using wooden stakes and marking spray paint. A string line tied between stakes can help guide you while laying out the
1. Measure the width and desired height for the bookcase in the space on the side or both sides of the fireplace. 2. Subtract 2 inches from the height measurement of the space, and
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How to Build a Brick Driveway
As artists know, pathways and driveways guide the eye toward more distant objects. As a visitor's eye will travel along your driveway as well as the visitor's car, it makes good sense to make the driveway as attractive as possible. While dirt and gravel... More »
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