How to Build a Brick Flower Bed?


If you want to have an enclosed flower bed, using brick might be a good option. To build a brick flower bed, you will first want to decide how large the flower bed will be. You will also want to decide whether you're creating a raised bed, or using brick as a border around a ground-level bed.
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1. Remove existing vegetation from the selected area in your garden or yard. Pour boiling water or vinegar over the plants to remove them organically, or spray a nonselective herbicide
Edging a flower bed with bricks helps beautify a garden. It also helps in preventing the growth of unwanted weeds. With brick edges, the soil does not get washed away during watering
Boy, the experts are really out tonight, aren't they? Okay, the first thing you need to do is dig a little trench about the width of a brick around your tree or flower bed, about
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How to Build Flower Beds With Bricks
Create inexpensive yet attractive flower beds in your garden or yard using paver bricks that match the exterior of your home. Popular for features such as versatility, hardiness and durability, bricks are common building materials for outdoor projects.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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