How to Build a Brick Retaining Wall?


To build a retaining wall one should bear in mind that it should contain: a waterproof membrane or tanking on the rear of the retainer wall, a layer of gravel approximately 20 cm thick, running up the rear of the wall, optionally contained by a filter membrane, weep holes set at 1 metre intervals, 8 cm (or one course of bricks) above ground level, a good foundation, at least 45 cm deep - deeper for clay soils, a land drain running horizontally along the back of the wall. Weep holes should be added at the base of any retaining wall to allow water to escape. These can be formed from clay, copper or plastic pipes and should be set approximately 1 metre apart and 8 cm above the lower ground level. They should be positioned at a slight downward angle and finished flush with the face of the wall. A drain should also be inserted horizontally along the back of the wall - below the weep hole level. To allow water to drain to the bottom and escape more easily, the wall should be backed a sheet of polythene (or other waterproof material) down to the weep hole level. It should then be followed with a layer of hardcore, gravel or similar porous material.
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1. Figure out where and why you want a wall: at the bottom of a gentle slope to create a new planting bed? Between two beds to provide contour and definition? (If the answer to this
A retaining wall in Adelaide is most often made and designed with stones. This is still the most popular material to construct good retaining walls for yards and gardens. You can
1. Dig a trench for your retaining wall that is about 6 to 7 inches deep (for a 4-inch block) and 12 inches wide. 2. Tamp the soil flat and then shovel two inches of pea gravel into
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