How to Build a Bucking Barrel?


If you are interested in building a bucking barrel, you'll need a few things, including a barrel, some rope (about 80 feet) four 4x4 posts that are 16 ft long. There are some great websites with the step by step instructions! You can find more information here:
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1. Dent each side of the barrel slightly so you have a place to wrap your legs. Drill two holes on each side of the barrel about 5 inches from the top. Repeat this process about 5
weld rings in all four corners and use a cotton rope. It is strong and soft. No top is needed but it will hold up better if it has covers on both ends. No springs are needed. Just
Go to the web site: Cooperage is the art of barrel making. The site that I found has the best description of how to make one. Maybe you could contact
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How to Make a Bucking Barrel
Bull riding is a dangerous, but thrilling, event in many contemporary rodeos. Bull riders often train for years before becoming professionals. A safe and easier way to train for this event is by building your own bucking barrel, which is a large barrel... More »
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